The graduate of Pacific Baptist College will be academically and intellectually competent; Biblically knowledgeable and capable of rightly dividing the Word and the Truth of God in study and exposition; distinguished in character, fortified to serve God with his life.


The student will be provided with a theologically correct knowledge of the Bible, the tools and skills necessary to communicate its message accurately, and the ability to recognize that the inspired Word of God is indeed “profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”


The student will be provided the educational training from the Biblical perspective, which will be:

  • Sound and biblically focused
  • Practical in its application
  • Experiential in its nature
  • Designed to make the student competent and prepared academically
  • Designed to thoroughly equip the student to pursue God’s calling for his life


The student will be provided with the spiritual leadership and experience which will confirm and increase his personal faith and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ in his Christian walk, character, and testimony to the world.

  • The student will be able to share openly and wisely the saving knowledge found in the Bible and a commitment to Christ to others, and a living demonstration of Christ’s love for the world.
  • The student will develop a steadfastness in faith preparing him to meet the testing and trials that the Christian is faced with in serving Christ in today’s world.
  • The student will be founded on the Scriptural principles of willing submission to God-given authority in the God-ordained institutions for the home, the church, and the government.
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